Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Here's a silly little thing I wrote for the BUM Report in 1991 ...
(Remember this was written in 1991 when Roger Maris held the home run record).

See if you can spot the 25 errors in the following story.

During my 17 seasons with the Brooklyn Phillies of the American League, I always enjoyed our western road trips. On of my favourite ball park memories is of a Saturday night Mother`s Day game in Vancouver in early February of 1975.

We had lost to the Canadians the night before and were currently on a five-game winning streak. We were playing a double header and I had pitched six innings of the first game and threw a two hit, one run, perfect game. I didn`t strike anybody out but I did get credit for a complete game with four Ks and I walked only one batter.

The second game ended in a tie and the winning pitcher got a standing ovation from the sell out crowd. It was now the third game of the doubleheader at Nat Bailey Domed Stadium and we were behind by two runs in the top of the tenth inning.

I was the lead off batter that inning and was at the plate with a runner on second base. The umpire gave me the `take sign`so I got ready to swing at the first pitch. The runner left with the pitch and the catcher rifled the ball to second base, but the throw was too late and the referee called the runner safe.

The next pitch I walloped into the centre field bleachers for a grand slam, walk off home run and we won the game. (Incidentally that home run was my 41st homer of the season and tied me with Roger Maris for the most homers in a single season.

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