Friday, 4 November 2011


From January '94, the ever popular BUM Report Top Ten List. These are actual quotes from Tom Larscheid on air broadcast of Canucks - Oilers game. Incidentally, this list hit the airwaves on at least three different local radio stations; Tom was not pleased, refusing to be intervied by BUM Report on three separate occasions.

1) I was alone with Pavel before the game and he says his groin never felt better.

2) That Ronning ... Oh boy, he sure is one smooth guy.

3) Oh Jim, don't you just love to see the big guys play the body? I know I do.

4) There's Sather, with that grin on his face, relaxing behind the bench, hands in pockets, enjoying himself.

5) Personally, I don't think Gino's upper body is 100 percent of what I've seen before.

6) I really like this youngster Arnott, he's one fine looking hocky player. He's really caught my eye, Jim.

7) Its too bad the Canucks don't have their hard guys, Hunter and Antosk,i on the ice right now

8) All those injuries have forced Pat Quinn to take a closer look at some of these younger guys.

9) Bure makes a nice back-hand pass on Ranford, and Billy-Boy handles him smoothly ... he's got those good hands, doesn't he, Jim?

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