Friday, 4 November 2011


Yet another Top 10 list of Tom Larscheid list of quotes from 1993. This one not so freudian but equally as humourous. The Top Ten lists ran for several years; yet never once did the Top 10 list actually can 10 items, usually it was eight or nine which always provoked letters to the editor. Go figure.

1) There's nothing like a few goals to bring a player out of a scoring slump.

2) A lot of people say the Canucks are in a slump right now, but the truth is that they just aren't playing well.

3) That's Bure's first ever goal in the NHL and its his first of the season.

4) Whichever team makes the fewest mistakes and scores the most goals is going to win this game.

5) The Canucks tonight had to play physical, play smart, and play lucky. They did both.

6) The Canucks really have to score more power play goals, especially when they have the man advantage.

7) If the Canucks want to win this game Jim, they're going to have to score a goal.

8) And with the Canucks leading 1-0, we'll take a short break then we'll be right back with more BC Lions football after the message.


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  2. Charge 'em a dollar each and send 'em over ...

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